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Hi everyone,

Click hereto access the interest rate tracker. It’s been updated so you can see the best rates offered among the various lending platforms. Also, please consider signing up for new platforms with the referral links posted by the moderator. He updates and maintains the excel spread sheet. I’m sure he’d greatly appreciate it.



They aim to be a stable-yield aggregating farm on Polygon. Their contracts have been verified by Paldadin and Beefy Finance has decided to feature their BANANA-MATIC pool.

They’re currently offering over 400% APR on most pools. With most people focused on flipping NFTs, its an opportune time to squeeze some fat yields.

I generally stay away from pools and farms with deposit fees. However with the yields exceeding 365%, it’ll take less than 4 days to recover the fee.

Wonderland (TIME)

If you feel like you’ve missed on OHM considering checking out Wonderland. Like OlumpusDao they’ve created a decentralized reserve currency protocol that remains unbound by a peg. Their long term goal is to make TIME a global unit of account and short-term to optimize a system for wealth creation. I staked OHM for almost a month before selling it for RUNE. On RUNE’s next move up I’m thinking about going back into OHM. OHM performs extremely well when the market corrects and acts as a yield generating reserve. There’s no guarantee we’ll observe the same dynamics with TIME, but it maybe worthwhile to speculate.

Initially the token will be hyper-inflationary so we’re likely to see the price rise followed by a precipitous decline. With the Avalanche ecosystem growing, there’s a chance the price will rally longer than expected. However at some point, we’ll definitely see a correction.

Beefy Finance

By collaborating with Pacoca, Beefy launched a boosted ApeSwap pool for the second time. Currently, BANANA-BNB LPers can earn 1% daily. The deposit will auto-compound BANANA rewards but will also earn non-compounded yield in PACOCA. I’ve been farming with BANANA-BNB for a while so my total position has grown considerably in value. As a result, I’ll be making more than my daily salary with this farm alone. To get started first deposit you LP into the Beefy vault.

Next go the boosted page and deposit your Beefy LP token into the boosted vault to start earning bonus PACOCA rewards.

Keep an eye Beefy boosts because they typically only partner will quality projects. This will help you discover farms before the yields get diluted.


I introduced Orca in my previous newsletter and in a recent video. Francium is now supporting Orca Aquafarm with leveraged pools. Since farmers began moving their LPs over to Francium, the price of the ORCA token has tripled.

This is because people are using their USDC as collateral to farm ORCA with leverage. This will unwind as people begin taking profits. For now you can enjoy APRs above 800%.

New Private Channel

In an effort to bring more value to the private channels I’ve teamed up with a good friend who manages over 7 figures, deposited across a few DeFi protocols. He’ll cover farms he’s currently using and introduce recently launched farms. He’s mostly risk adverse so he tends to focus on quality farms with proven track records. If you guys have question regarding his farming strategy I’m sure he’ll happy to address your inquiries.

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